About us

Lusil Agency is a company founded in 2014, specialized in organizing events and finding models, hostesses and brand ambassadors.
Powerful ideas and professionalism are two of our most valuable qualities. They meet the needs of our customers with excellence filling any brand image.
We are a young, dynamic team that relies both on an unblemished image and on the intelligence required in representing and promoting a product.
Do you want to make a great first impression during an event, your guests to be welcomed in a professional manner and to provide a positive experience they will not forget? Lusil Agency is what you’re looking for.


We aim to become the most efficient provider of BTL, hostess  and promoting of Romania.                                                                           



• Transparency
• Professionalism
• Customer orientation
• Dynamism
• Passion



• We are preoccupied to provide high quality services
• We pay particular attention to developing long-terms partnerships



Lusil agency aims to become the most efficient provider of BTL, hostess, promoting, managing this by quality and by the values of our company.

We are an active team, acting on time. We know how important this is to our customers: to be one step ahead and have a perfect picture in any event. We belive in team work. We know that good things are built together. Therefore we are beside those who use our services, with them forming a close-knit team, where communication is the essential ingredient.

We are 100% involved in every project, we are easily adapting to any situation requirements. Thus providing the best solutions for our clients brand promotion. Their success reinforces our success.




Transparenta - we choose an authentic and congruent communication. 

Performance, professionalism and profitability –performance mobilize us and any activity with a professional approach that generates maximum profitability for everyone involved.

Customer orientation –customers are at the center of our concerns, because we care about them. We invest time and attention to understanding their needs, we are constantly preoccupied to overcome their expectations.

Dynamism -  challenges, opportunities for development and performance mobilize us to find impact solutions. We are in constant change and progress.

Flexibility –we have the abilityto adapt our strategies, decisions and actions in the circumstances.

Passion – we love what we do and get involved in every project as such.





Being customer oriented, Lusil Agency aims to continuously adjust service offerings to adress promptly and professionally desires and changing demands of its customers.

We base our success on the customer  confidence that we built by understanding their needs, the quality and efficiency of all services delivered.

The mission of each of our team members is to offer what they have best: energy, intelligence, beauty, social skills, inventivity. We are always looking for ways to use our resurces to meet the needs of our customers.

We are in control of our services which gives us the ability to make rapid decisions and to be confident in the future, and above all, to be rational.